Scheduling Issues, Problems & Conflicts

The purpose of this page is to notify the scheduler of schedule requests BEFORE the schedules are made. Requests can be for an early or late game or a bye, whatever. I will try and accommodate most reasonable requests, but the primary concern are coaches coaching two teams.

Record your conflict here. This way all requests are collected in one place. If you tell me verbally at the fields or leave a voice message or send me a txt or an email message, all of those requests do not always get documented in a meaningful place. So post it here, which will also automatically send me an email that a request has been made.

1708B Bob WieseMarch 7, 2015, I would like to request either a bye or a very early game. I have to travel out of state leaving on that day.
141B Brian AsherConflict is March 21 Possible no coaches available due to Spring Break travels.
141B Brian Asher Conflict is March 7 - early game (finish by 10) Coach and son have Scout obligation
141B Brian AsherConflict is March 14 Late game please. Assisting with Gymnastics competition
Michelle BozarthApril 25th bye or early game
133B Dave Schwabe
132G Tom SchumannApril 30th: > 4 of our 11 players have a track meet out of town that evening.
132G Tom SchumannApril 30th:Please do not schedule tournament games for 132G due to multiple player conflicts.
Mark (test)No Wednesday night games for anyone.
David CotoMissing a lot of players on May 1st, won't be able to field a team that night
532G David CotoMay 1st: Several players have an end of the year big project for school.
1602G HublerDue to other commitments in the afternoon I would greatly appreciate our games to be scheduled for as early in the day as possible.
3 Carlos linares
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